How to buy the books?

When you go to the page to order the books, you will see each book description and detail list of chapters.  For easy reference I am providing the link for each book description and chapter list.

1.Begin with Vedic Astrology

2.Brush Up On the Vedic Astrology Basics Volume 1

3.Brush Up On the Vedic Astrology Basics Volume 2

Once you will get informed about each book, click on this link

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  1. abhilashabindal

    Not able to buy this book through pay pal. Is there any other way to buy it ?

    1. bookadmin (Post author)

      Please write us to and we will respond you as quick as we can.


  2. Julia

    One question please- a three books set price is 180 with discount, where all three books price separately is in total 145 (56+54+35) 🙂
    Is it a mistake?

    1. bookadmin (Post author)

      Dear Julia, yes you are right about the prices of the books but you didn’t count individual shipping 22eur + 22eu + 15eur is individual shipping for each book. 🙂

      BookVedica Administrator

  3. Manisha Gupta

    Hi i ordered my 3 book set on 30th October. When would i receive them.

    1. bookadmin (Post author)

      It takes from 4 up to 6 weeks to arrive for non EU countries. We are tracking delivery from here.

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