About me

First Part
I was born on 1.02.1969, in the early morning, and my name in Serbian language exactly means that „the one born around the dawn“. I was born in former Yugoslavia, in one above middle class family, which provided me the solid means not to struggle too much, and to have a fairly comfortable life. My spiritual quest started quite early, and I was a very disobedient child, asking for all sorts of explanations. My mother used to discipline me, but I was so stubborn, that I used to punish her by few bangs against the wall with my head, trying to frighten her. Today, she still mentions that. It was the sign that children can be manipulative at that tender age. I still remember the first year of my life, which was found to be later very strange, since normally young children do not have this ability. I was very talented in school, and finished school as one of the best pupils, with so many diplomas. However, I was always hard to discipline, and friendship of my family with the School Principle came to a help, whenever it was necessary to get me out of childhood troubles. I used to play piano when I was very young, and talent for music and painting was bursting out of me, with my father strongly objecting it, thinking about my future career and finance. I loved sports and was actively engaged in sports from the age of seven, so my childhood was spent in love for sports and attendance of music school. At the age of 13, I got some terrible complications of Shlater syndrome, and had to quit sports. In the music school, my problems with teachers escalated and I fought with them, resisting the discipline they were trying to impose. These two things marked my early study of philosophy. When the doctors told me „no more sports for me“, I decided to punish myself and give up the musical career which was strongly promoted by music teachers. So I fell in my first major depression in life, where everything I loved was roughly taken away, and I had one big question ;why? I started reading philosophy from both east and west, religious books, trying to find out the meaning, some truth and some logic which could help me understand why such destiny struck me. I was very angry and bitter, and had a strong ego, built up by school teachers who always used to praise my intelligence and talents. And there I was, with all these talents, totally depressed and lost.
The Second Part
After the doctors told me that I may never be able to walk if I continue with sports, I started studying philosophy and religions trying to get my answers. I sailed through all eastern and western books, alongside with western astrology, which I found interesting, but had no desire to study it. I read some classical books and continued. Ultimately, when I realized that all philosophies talk about some karmic laws or the law of cause and consequence, and all mention God as some supreme intelligence, I started getting obsessed with an idea to experience it. That was my quest for practical experience. I started doing prayers and self meditations, untill I luckily ended up with transcendental meditation of Maharishi Mahesh yogi. The impact was fantastic. I became calm and my agitation was gone. My parents were so surprised, that my mother started meditation after having seen me. First time in my life I felt peace. On one occasion, when I left to Holland to see Maharishi, I bought a book. It was some strange book with sanskrit covers. However, when I read it, the book was about jyotish. It was very strange, talking about some philosophy, creation in the beginning. I started reading it and went into an obsession. It was Brhat Parashara Hora Shastra, the book which has later on become my „Bible“ and one which I read at least a few hundred times. I found the address of the publisher in the book, and contacted them. I ordered all the books available. It was a considerable amount, yet I had some savings, and knew how to persuade my parents for some extras. And that is how my Vedic astrology journey started… I think I could write a book to cover all events which took place in the next few years. The life was nice and simple, and I was studying books for more than 7 hours a day. It was such an obsession. However, the problem lied in my inability to understand sanskrit, lack of internet media, and classical books, rare explained everything. So I was going „mad „with books for more than 7 years, finished some beginners jyotish course at TM movement, yet there was no solid base, and understanding of what classical books were teaching. In the meantime, internet came to Serbia with Windows 3.11, and I connected, and started interacting with astrological community. Whenever I met some traditional astrologers from India, I used to ask them all about my list of questions which I collected from studies of classical books. To my shock and horror, no one was ready to give me the answer, and a few of them informed me about the sad state of affairs of Vedic astrology today. No one was able to clearly explain divisional charts, and more than 30 dasa systems which were given by Parashara. Even Navamsa chart was vague, and many had different views and disagreements. The questions I had in my mind, remained unanswered, and I fell into the second major depression in my life. At that time, I was about to finish university, and decide on my future career. By that time I knew that nothing was interesting enough to keep me occupied for the whole life. I wanted jyotish and Vedic astrology, but was fully aware, that I would never be able to learn it without somebody who will be able to explain it to me. Initial attempts were disappointing. I started to realize that what I was looking for, would be impossible task to get. All pandits I interacted with, told me that nobody had knowledge given by Parashara, and that it was lost, and only some pieces were kept alive. However, this was exactly what I was looking for. I believe that I browsed through 6000 websites on Vedic astrology, and talked to almost all astrologers who were willing to talk. The answer was the same. I started accepting my fate, and started to plan my future career, thinking about teaching at university or some business, utterly unhappy, but fully aware of the fact that I had to make a choice. At that point of time, my sister had a car accident, and went into the comma. The doctors prediction were not good. They were preparing my parents for her possible death. She miraculously woke up, however, we had no idea of the consequences which came a few years later on. My sister came home, with a complete loss of memory. My father, could not deal with the fact and just surrendered. The home situation was so bad that I used to spend a lot of time with friends. One evening I found a website on jyotish with a forum. I joined the forum, and started interacting with Vedic astrologers. Then, the mail came, something with Atmakaraka, Karakamsa, Navamsa and all points from Parashara.. I read the mail and exploded…This was my Guru..I knew it.. This is the only person who can quench my thirst.. It took me one year to approach him and to realize that he would accept me as the student.
The Third Part
At that turbulent phase of my life, as a matter of fact the major crises and suffering within the family, when my father was dying, I met my Guru , Pt.Sanjay Rath and started my journey with him. It was in 1997, and at that time, I had no idea that I would be able to learn and understand this knowledge. From that perspective, I was thinking that it was impossible, and that I had no capacity to master it. However, years by years were passing, and my life was slowly getting the shape which I desired. After a few years, I was assigned to teach jyotish worldwide, and had to travel all over the world teaching and lecturing in various conferences, all over India, Europe and USA. In the next 10 years, I was travelling so often, spending most of my time with Pt. Sanjay Rath, that I barely spent 3 to 4 months at home. At that stage we set up university, and created a major bulk of jyotish literature for the generations to come. Today, I have a few batches finished at my university, and decided to focus again on international level. Now, it has come the time to again reestablish the teachings all over the globe. I wrote two books in Serbian language and left behind a few thousands pages and hours of recorded lectures. I have written many articles in Vedic astrology magazines, taught so many times at international conferences, and now my focus is writing books in English language. Much has been done in that direction, and if time permits, I am going to write the whole serious of Vedic astrology books in English language. It was exactly the prediction of my teacher in 1997, when I met him. „ You will travel the world around, teaching jyotish, and writing.“ .

Zoran Radosavljevic lives and works in Novi Sad, Serbia. He founded Shri Jagannath Centre Serbia (SJC Serbia) in 2002. He runs S.I.V.A.institute of Vedic Astrology, which is abbreviation for Slavic Institute of Vedic Astrology, designed by Pt. Sanjay Rath. This four year curriculum was made in the lines of teaching of our jyotish tradition from Jagannath Puri, and is specifically designed for teaching Jyotish for Slavic people and nations, including Russia.  Our target is to spread jyotish to other Slavic nations and Russia, and offer the four year deep study of Vedanga Jyotish. This work is currently in progress teaching in S.I.V.A. Russia will start very soon, with the first year of study in Russian language.