Chamunda Yoga&Kapata Yoga

Chamunda Yoga Kapata Yoga
Gunas of the Head and Heart
Chamunda is one of the names of Durga. In our tradition it is derived from the words Chanda (bald head) and Munda (delight, inner drive, mind).The baldness of head indicates pure intelligence without any external influence, while Munda relates to the qualities of the heart. Therefore, we are focusing two major bhavas in a horoscope. These are Lagna and 4th bhava. Lagna stands for IQ, intelligence (Budhi) we were born with, while 4thbhava shows inner drive, conscious mind and our thinking. We can say it rules the Guna of the mind, and grahas will show what kind of thinking process and guna prevail in our consciousness. These houses have a lot of natural satva in them. For example, In Kala Purusha (Natural chart), Mesha is the Lagna, being natural seat of Surya, where Surya is the Karaka, while the 4th bhava is natural karka, where Guru is exalted and Chandra is karaka. Therefore, it is natural domain of satva guna, where satva guna is desirable and the best to have in these bhavas, for the pure head and pure heart. Therefore, if we desire to aim to the highest and the most perfect being, these two houses should remain pure and dominated by satva. Therefore, to understand how a person is, does he or she have a good heart and brain, we should examine these two houses. It is true that additionally we have to study something which is called character, which we study in the 6th bhava and 2nd bhava of Navamsa Lagna, however, this two houses should be given the priority to simply understand whether a person is a good human being, trustworthy, and whether you should expect good or bad from them. Therefore, we should first understand natural benefic or malefics in these houses. From the point of natural malefics we have the following combinations
Surya-Mild crura, satva guna giving light but burning, form of malevolence is in the form of ego and selfishness. Surya is crura it is giving life not taking like Mangal. However, it causes anger and burning feelings. However, it is satva, following dharma and duty
Mangal is very strong crura, taking life, by its oppressive and killing instincts. It is full of krodha or anger and violence. However it is sura, and likes to follow light (knowledge)
Shani is very crura out of ignorance, suffering and own weakness
Rahu is very crura, prone to lies, manipulations and cheating, strong sense of exploitation.
Ketu is crura out of hatred, heedlessness, mistake
Among the benefics the situation is the following:
1.Chandra is saumya, yet Chandra from Krsna Astami to Shukla Astami is generally weak, but crura is only when waning. This is particularly so from Krsna Atami, to Amavaysa. That Chandra is malefic, because it does not have ability to sustain, and things dry down and vanish
2.Budha is not truly crura, yet it becomes crura, once it is conjoined or influenced by cruras. Budha is a child, learning from other grahas and copying them. So Budha copies behavior of grahas in conjunction or aspected by them. So the extent of its being crura depends on the crura graha influenced. The same goes with saumya. The more benefic graha influence Budha the better it becomes
3.Guru is the best Saumya, great blessing and purity due to Satva guna
4.Shukra is great Saumya, full of love, yet can be selfish due to Rajas guna
We have to understand also the following:
1.Uchcha graha can become sattvic due to the quality and blessing of Vishnu avatar. Grahas in own sign can also become partially sattvic due to knowledge and blessing of tattva devata. This is very important for malefics
Now see the planets in Lagna
1.Any malefic in Lagna will spoil the intelligence of a person. Even though the person can become intelligent (due to the quality of the graha), guna of the head will become polluted whenever malefic graha is in Lagna
2. This is also true a crura rasi is found in LAgna. In such a case only exalted Lagna lord can help
Whenever grahas with malefic guna in LAgna, a person can make bad and cruel decisions. It does not deny intelligence (Rahu, Ketu and Surya are very intelligent or dhiman grahas). Therefore, the head is not clear, can have cruel thinking and decision and can severely damage others. The solution lies in worship of Shri Rama, who was an embodiment of the pure intelligence and head which is shown in his chart!

You can clearly see Chandra in own sign, uchanata is Shukra exalted in 9th house of dharma. Guru as 9th lord is in Digbala (karma blessing), and Surya karaka for Lagna is exalted in 10th bhava in Digbala.
Therefore, one should worship Shri Ram with Om Namo Bhagavate Ramachandraya, to regain the Chanda of Lagna.
You should apply the same rules for the 4th bhava. Malefics in 4th bhava pollute the heart, cause bad thinking, and low level consciousness and awareness. Any malefic is bad, and Ketu is the worst being in Marana Karkaa stana, strongly destroying the energy of Chandra. It can be so bad to cause severe mental issues, including child or adolescent abuse. Ketu in the 4th bhava indicate feeling of being unloved, unaccepted, rejected and malested which can make a person quite cruel. Rahu can make a saint or criminal and is quite deadly in this house. A person sees a lot of shocks and cheating, and becomes very cruel.Shani cause a lot of suffering which makes a person cruel and hard hearted. Surya is quite selfish, and ego-centered, blinded by own life and desires, thus becoming cruel. A person is not bad intentional, but quite selfish. Also , they suffered cruelty in childhood, making them cruel.
In this case we are observing the horoscope of Shri Krsna

In this chart Surya as crura graha is in 4th bhava, giving a tendency to become cruel. Shri Krsna saw a lot of cruelty in childhood (early attack of demons and his uncle), however, Surya is in own sign, blessing of Tatva devata. Karaka for 4th bhava is exalted in Lagna, and Guru graha exalted in 4th is in Bhagavad Gita yoga in the 5th bhava. Therefore, inspite of seing cruelty he remained pure. That is why if we wish to purify our heart, we should worship Shri Krsna with a mantra OM Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya, the signature mantra of Veda Vyasa.
What is the way out
1.In case of malefic or crura infleunces in Lagna you must have at least one benefic to purify the guna of the Lagna
2.In case of malefic or crura infleunces in 4th bhava, you must have at least one benefic in the 4th bhava to purify your heart and mind guna.
Combined infleunces
We have more possible combinations.
1.Malefic in both Lagna and 4th bhava
2.Malefic in Lagna, benefic in 4th
3. Banefic in Lagna and malefic in 4th
4.Banefics in both Lagna and 4th
In this case (4th), where both benefics are in 1st and 4th, the huge blessing of Chamunda devi comes, a person is of pure thoughts, intentions and heart, and will have a nice and happy life, without strife and shocks
In other three combinations there is something called Kapata or Kapti Yoga (Deceiver, cheater)
With malefics in 4th bhava you are bound to suffer in the hands of your close people, be it a home, friends, spouse or kid. You will be betrayed and suffer in the hands of those you love, dear ones.
With benefics in 4th, this will never happen
Once you experience bad effects due to malefics in 4th bhava, guna of your heart will change. Your heart will become dirty and impure, and your consciousness will become polluted. How will you react then? If you have either benefics in 4th bhava or Lagna, you will be able to overcome this experience, and REMAIN pure as is the case with Shri Krsna. Benefic (strong uchca moon) in Lagna, caused this. So, a person will be cheated but will remain pure due to very favourable Chanda or head guna
In case you have both malefics in 4th and Lagna, then after the guna of the mind changes (bad experiences), guna of head will also change for the worse, so you will start cheating and hurting others (Kapti). Your philosophy will be, you did this to me, so I shall do this to you and others
In case of benefics in 4th and malefics in Lagna, you will not be chated, but guna of your head can make you do bad things. You simply make a wrong judgment and do bad things, even though your heart may be pure. In such a case, worship of Shri Ram is necessary! In the previous two charts, you can see malefics in 4th bhava and benefics in Lagna, showing that in spite of heart stabbing experiences both avatar head a great blessing of their head guna, and remained pure, showing the example to people as how we should all behave in our life.
Mark that in both charts of Shri KRsna and Shri Rama, malefic in 4th bhava are in own sign or exalted, raising the level of graha to a higher level, and gaining satva, which was necessary to keep the heart pure. Therefore, it is essential that malefics in 4th bhava should have own sign, mulatrikona, exalted or vargottama rasi or navamsa position, to maintain purity after bad experiences. However, Lagna or Lagna lord must have benefic influences or at least ucha or own (not so strong as benefic), to give a good direction to e head or brain, else brain will make mistakes, and make decisions which will cause bad karmas to a native.
In case of both Lagna and 4th severely afflicted, Shri Ram and Shri Krsna energies will abandon you. Then, only mother will take a pity on a person, and a person should do chamunda mantra to remove the bad gunas of the brain and heart. Keep in mind that this is a delicate subject and certain lagnas have more tendency to kapata yoga or being cheater. These lagnas will have malefic or crura rasis in the Lagna and 4th bhava and these are:
1.Simha Lagna
2.Vrschika Lagna
3.Makara Lagna
People born in these Lagnas need natural benefics in these signs in order to make their hearts and heads pure and clean.
Normally, due to this delicacy, I have never discussed this with clients, nor mentioned it in their charts. None of the people like to face with this combination if they have it, and that may be the reason why even astrologers are not willing to share their charts. Be that as it may, a person having any possibility of forming this kapata yoga should do the chamunda mantra regularly to cleanse their heart and brain.