Importance of Chandra in Stri Jataka


Many of my friends have a tendency to ask me whether particular girl is good for them and what would be her character in marriage. Of course, karma is the main trigger of happy or unhappy marriage, however, there are few pointers how to see whether a girl has a good nature. I am not going to enter into many other aspects which must be analyzed in female horoscopy, since this subject can become very big and extensive. However, let us point out a few basic differences:

1.Agni tatva is a more male feature, and is naturally stronger in Purusha Jataka or male chart

2.Jala tatva is a more female feature, and is naturally stronger in Stri Jataka or female chart

Charts are quite similar, yet there are certain methods and dasas, which are more applicable to male or female charts respectively. If you look at the Kala Purusha chart, Mesha rasi is Lagna, purusha, and Tula rasi is female rasi in 7th bhava, and we can say that naturally 7th bhava is stronger in female charts. Yugma rasis are naturally stronger in women, while Oja rasis are stronger in male charts. In this context, we should understand oja yugma bala.One of the major difference is also a house of children,where in male charts, 5th house (responsibility, future) becomes important. In female charts, 9th bhava (God, bhakti) becomes the child. There are many other methods we should analyze to understand the nature, character of a stri jataka chart. Classical texts include trimsamsas, 4th and 7th bhavas as a part of her chastity, 3rd house playing her role in her dharma etc. Most of the other methods are the same. What is my plan here is to give you a simple method to understand the nature of a woman in a few simple steps.

First step

Study Chandra to see her nature. IF Chandra is alone, she will have a nature of that sign. Seventh bhava from Chandra becomes important, if  any graha is there, since that graha will show alternate nature, seat of desires, hrd. If planets are conjoined Chandra, then such conjunction will dominate.

Chandra Surya, strict and principled lady

Chandra Mangal, angry, debaucher, fighting, insecurity issues

Chandra Budha, if within one drekana, very good, intellectual, friendly, nice speech and manners, somewhat childish

Chandra Guru, very fine character of a lady, learned, tolerant, good and happy

Chandra Shani, very evil lady, bad character, can harm you a lot

Chandra Rahu, widow, non conventional, intelligent, like Shani

Chandra Ketu, meditative, good in domestic chores, can cause fighting

Second step

This should be seen in Navamsa chart. This is inner nature of a lady, and husband and close family members will see that nature. If such combination is in Rasi chart, it will be visible to others, yet navamsa position will dominate.

These two steps show innate nature of a lady. Planets in Lagna can greatly modify her intelligence, where brain may be able to overpower and control either good or bad tendency.  

If you look at the Moon in Navamsa chart of a male, you should study the planets conjoined Moon in his navamsa chart. If there are no planets, study the strong planets in 7thf rom Chandra in Navamsa. If there is strong influence of Mangal on Chandra, then he would most likely marry a women  having Chandra and Mangal link in Navamsa. One of the worst conditions present in the chart of a lady is malefic with Chandra and malefic with Navamsa Lagna.

In this chart, Chandra is with Shani in own sign and retrogression pointing to a very bad character of a lady. At the same time Ketu is neecha in Navamsa lagna, giving nagging and cruel nature. She did not keep the marriage vows, mistreated the husband and children, and caused a marriage to break. Her husband has Chandra and Shani in samasaptaka in his Navamsa chart. Unfortunately, Chandra and Shani are again in conjunction in Rasi chart,confirming the whole story.

Why is Chandra so important?

In a female horoscopy Chandra will play role of a wife, and a mother. In a male horoscopy Surya will play a role of a husband and a father. That is why we should use the same formulas to see the man’s character. In all jyotisha texts it is stated that Surya trimsamsa will show the character, but it will be more pointed to a male, while female character should be seen from moon’s trimamsa

Therefore, for a women, Chandra strength is crucial

Chandra in Navamsa- love a women gives

Chandra in Rasi- love a women receives

Therefore, whenever you study Chandra in a female horoscopy you will get the first idea about her marriage and home life. If Chandra is alone study the sign and dispositor. For example, if Chandra is in Karka, a lady is carrying and homely, while in Simha, she will do perfectly all her duties. Chandra in Vrschika, will show faitful lady, with an angry temper and so on
Agni planets influencing Chandra will cause anger, independency and male features, and a lady will feel insecure and may destroy home. The opposite happens if Chandra is vayu influenced. Chandra should be with female grahas and even signs (yugma) because Chandra is highly feminine (female) and is the most important graha for females. Surya is the same for males. We use these concepts in many aspects of jyotish.

In this chart, Chandra is conjoined Surya in Krsna Chaturdasi, so outside what you see is Surya, principled and determined women. Inside, you can see Rahu, showing a widow or deserted women. Budha is neecha, and in the same drekana gives intellectual and learned women. She got irresponsible husband who lefd her.  A lot of affliction to Chandra in a female horoscopy will surely lead to broken home and divorce.

This lady is very self-conceited, harsh, unkind and behaves badly towards others. Chandra and Shani is vayu dosha where lady will be left by husband. This is exactly what happened. You can clearly see that such harsh and selfish nature has added to this.