Shani infuence on 8th bhava regarding longevity

Shani naisargika (natural dasa) will last from 70 until 120 (purna ayush). Therefore, strong Shani will always desire to keep a person alive until that age. Eight bhava shows duration of life (not death). Its karaka is Shani. Therefore, normally, Shani placement in 8 bhava will give longevity 70 plus (its naisargika dasa). However, if Shani is Lagna or 10th lord or badhaka it may not be so. Both Lagna and 10th lord should be in kendra for a solid longevity. Shani drsti on Lagna is normally damaging for longevity, unless Chandra is in dustana, where Brahmana yoga is formed. In such a case, Shani desires to keep a person alive until its naisargika age. What is left? The most important thing is Shani drsti on 8th bhava of longevity. Now, we come to a standard problem. Very rarely, astrologers observe drstis properly. They keep in mind only purna drstis, so in case of Shani, astrologers normally take 7th, 3rd and 10th drsti as purna. Two things remain. What about pada drstis? Is seventh (kama) drsti really purna drsti? Tradition says no. Even kama drsti of Shani (7th drsti) contains three padas. Pada is the quantity and quality unit of Dharma. Each naksatra has four padas and each navamsa has nine padas. Pada is any of the four ayaaa, dharma, artha, kama, moksa, and normally, drstis should be related to all chaturpada of grahas. There are some very precise method as how to understand the ayna of a drsti, but let us leave it now. We should keep in mind the following:

1.Outer drstis of Shani (3rd and 10th), contain all four padas, and are known as purna drsti

2.Seventh (kama) drsti contains three padas

3.Chaturashraya drsti (4th and 8th) contains two padas

4.Kona drsti (5th and 9th) contains only one pada. Kona drsti belongs to a graha Guru (dharma, and intelligence), and Shani is known as a “donkey” among grahas, having the least intelligence.

Now, the rules are:

1.Purna ayush in vimsottari dasa is 120 years, divided by 4 (padas), give roughly 30 years. Later on in more advanced stages of learning, you will understand threefold division based on chara, sthira or dvishabhava lagnas, where, longevity compartments can be 84, 96, and 108 years. Very rarely, a person in Kali Yuga will reach full 120 years, so we could take the avarage 96 years as full longevity.

2.If we divide 96 with four padas, we will get 24 years per pada.

Shani drsti on 8th bhava will give longevity, as per padas

Now, let us study, Shani drstis from various bhavas.

1.Shani in Lagna: It has chaturashraya drsti (two padas) on 8th bhava, thereby roughly giving 48 years. This is logical. Shani is in marana karaka stana in Lagna, thus not conducive to longevity.

2.Shani in 2nd bhava. It has three pada drsti, thus giving roughly 72 years of longevity. Another pada should be gained by proper food, regularity and moderation in enjoyments.

3.Shani in 3rd bhava, does not have any pada drsti on 8th bhava. However, Shani is placed in 8th counted from the 8th, and is considered as giving very strong vayu (strength) in 3rd bhava. a person own karmas from this life can give longevity.

4. Shani in 4th and 12th bhavas have only one pada drsti, giving only 24 years of age. If other indications agree, this can be a yoga rista, and  a person may be short lived. Shani in these houses destroys mind, mental peace, gives a lot of dukha, disease and suffering

5.Shani in 5th bhava has chaturashraya pada drsti on 8th bhava, giving roughly 48 years. This position causes a lot of stress in professional life and finance, bad luck, misarable brain (loser), and a person may ruin their life by stupid decisions

6.Shani in 6th bhava, has a special purna drsti on 8th bhava, having power to add full 96 years of longevity. However, Shani should not be retrograde, which would give bad habits and weakness, which may cut longevity by persons wrong habits and bad actions

7.Shani in 7th bhava, though in digbala does not have any pada drsti on 7th. It gives a lot of struggles, suffering in realtionships, and hard work,  thereby not contributing to longevity

8.Shani in 8th, is a sthana, not drsti, forcing strong karmas to live long and pay them back

9.Shani in 9th bhava does not have pada drsti on 8th, and can cause bad luck, bad health and poverty in old age, lots of deaths and suffering which can ruin the fortune and longevity.

10.Shani in 10th bhava, does not have any pada drsti, and is not by itself involved in a full longevity. A persons own karmas can destroy longevity, I have seen in number of charts, people having Shani in 10th died earlier due to overwork and ambition.

11.Shani in 11th, is one of the finest placements giving four full purna padas for longevity by its 10th drsti on 8th

This shows only how much Shani desires to grant in the front of longevity. Of course, there are definite methods of calculations (three pairs, three lords etc), which are explained in my brush up books, and for such a vast subject, many factors should be considered. Longevity does not mean the quality. Sometimes, it may act as a curse. However, Shani is concerned to give full duration of life, so that all sinful karmas must be paid back. We can conclude that Shani drsti on 8th bhava of longevity is good for longevity and all other Shani significations of the 8th bhava. In the same way, Shani drsti on other dustanas is good for a person, since it will cause suffering and destroy negative significations of dustana bhavas. You should keep in mind that 3rd bhava as dushkiya bhava should be considered as dustana. Now, if we look at the Shani in 6th bhava, we shall have the following:

1.Shani will have Purna Drsti on 8th bhava (good)

2.Shani will have Purna drsti on 3rd bhava (good)

3.Shani will have three-pada drsti on 12th bhava (good)

4.Shani will sit in a dusthana

Therefore, the best placement what is taught in our tradition as amrta drsti is placement of the Shani in the 6th bhava of the zodiac.

In this chart, Shani is in 6th bhava. This is amrta drsti of Shani. Mangal is in parivarthana with Shani, and it will give full effects during the Mangal mahadasa. Keep in mind that when grahas are in parivarthana, they will give effects in the dasa of the other graha of parivartana. In this chart, the birth is on Krsna Chaturdasi (krsna paksa), during the day, and Rahu is in trine to Lagnesha, so full condition for Astotari dasa is there. Mangal dasa started in 2010, and her rapid rise in career started within a month of starting the dasa.

In this chart Shani is in Lagna giving Madhya ayu, or at least 48 years, or max 60 years. A person died at the age of 54, which is roughly confirming this method. Now, we have some other method to see in which compartment a person will die. We use Chandra and Chakra dasa, which in this case is showing that a death would come only after the age of 48 in the 5th chakra dasa, which was the case.