BrushUp on the Vedic Astrology Basics – Volume 1


For the first time, a beginner and even more advanced students of Vedic Astrology will find traditional teachings culled out in formulas which always work and which will clear all doubts to any astrologer. The book is illustrated with more than 500 charts, which will easily show as how these methods work, and may help you skip years of self study or long courses. This book is meant to supplement the books of my Jyotish Guru Pt. Sanjay Rath and to prepare any person to read his books which cover more advanced topics.

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For the first time you will find a practical book based on 25 years of study and 15 years of teaching and consulting. The book cover all basic and many advanced principle which the author learned from his Guru and Tradition of Jagannath Puri of Orissa The book is illustrated with more than 500 charts giving highly useful rules and tips which will upgrade any beginner and all other practicing astrologers. The book was designed to answer all your questions, and as a matter of fact, the author went back mentally in time when he was young and budding learner and answered all the questions which were troubling him at that stage. Therefore,this book will brush up your Vedic astrology knowledge, no matter whether you are self learned or finished various courses or attended different schools. Even though it is primary focused on beginners, the knowledge offered in this book will brush up various concepts in more advanced astrologers, who had less opportunity to learn different concepts, rules and explanations which were hidden within the jyotisha traditions of India. The book is illustrated with more than 500 practical charts, from real life people and authors experience, where each principle is carefully illustrated. Therefore, this book is a must for all beginners, as well as those who have any doubts or questions which were not explained nor answered in any book so far. This book will also be a valuable addition to all practicing Vedic Astrologers library, keeping some very advanced principles explained in various tips.

The author Zoran Radosavljevic gives rare traditional tools and principles as how to brush up all basic points such as Kala Purusha principles, Unique analyses of Panchanga elements, Rasis, Grahas, Bhavas, Karaka analyses, Various planetary positions, Drstis, Exaltations/debilitations, Surya and Chandra Lagnas and planetary positions from both Lagnas, as well as many unknown traditional techniques in more than 620 pages. What is most important, the books is illustrated with more than 500 example charts, where each rule was practically explained.

For your reference, kindly see the content of the book.

Table of Contents


INTRODUCTION                                                  5
 CHAPTER 1                                                   23
 Introduction                                                23
 Kala and Kala Purusha                                       23
 Kala and Kala Purusha                                       26
 Vedic Definition of Time                                    28
 Kala Purusha                                                28
 Rule number one                                             30
 Example/Problem                                             33
 Examples                                                    34
 Rule number two                                             37
 Basic levels of bhava, bhava lord, karaka affliction        38
 Intensity of Affliction                                     38
 Rule Number Three                                           40
 Detriment places                                            45
 Rule number four                                            47
 Lagna and Seventh bhava                                     49
 Mangal and Shukra                                           49
 Chandra and Budha                                           51
 Fourth and Tenth Bhava                                      51
 Rule Number Five                                            53
 Kala Purusha and Bhava Lords derivation                     53
 Other applications of this rule                             58
 Rule number six                                             62
 Rule number seven                                           64
 CHAPTER 2                                                   67
 Pancha Tatva and Panchanga                                  67
 Another Perspective                                         67
 Agni Tatva or Vara                                          69
 Leo or Simha rasi                                           69
 Mesha rasi                                                  73
 Vrschika or Ali Rasi                                        75
 Opposite tatvas                                             79
 Jala tatva                                                  79
 Vayu tatva                                                  81
 Rahu influence                                              83
 Makara Rasi                                                 87
 Varesha                                                     89
 Rules for Varesha study                                     91
 Rule One                                                    91
 Rule Two                                                    93
 Rule Three                                                  94
 Rule Four                                                   96
 Other general rules                                         97
 Sankranti Rule                                              102
 Varesha and Arudha Lagna                                    103
 Jala Tatva                                                  108
 Karka rasi                                                  108
 Vrsha Rasi                                                  110
 Tula Rasi                                                   114
 Mina Rasi                                                   116
 Tithi Lord                                                  117
 Additional Rules                                            120
 Prithivi Tatva                                              122
 Mithuna Rasi                                                122
 Sixth Bhava                                                 123
 Karana Use                                                  125
 Additional Rules                                            128
 Rule about Varesha                                          130
 Karana of the Saints and Spiritual People                   131
 Other examples                                              134
 Ordinary People                                             135
 Vayu Tatva                                                  136
 Kumbha Rasi                                                 136
 Makara Rasi                                                 137
 Tula Rasi                                                   137
 Akash Tatva                                                 142
 Dhanu Rasi                                                  142
 Mina Rasi                                                   143
 Scale of emotions and love                                  143
 Karka Rasi                                                  144
 Yoga lord in charts of spiritual people                     145
 Yoga lord in charts of ordinary people                      148
 Rahu and Ketu                                               149
 Ketu                                                        153
 CHAPTER 3                                                   158
 Brushing up on Bhavas                                       158
 First to Sixth Bhavas                                       158
 Lagna Bhava                                                 158
 Lagna Lord                                                  162
 Lagna and Intelligence                                      164
 Lagna lord dispositor                                       168
 Planets in Lagna                                            169
 Benefic Grahas in Lagna                                     171
 Functional Benefics and Malefics                            172
 Naisargika or Nature of grahas                              173
 Tatkalika or Temporary (functional) Nature of grahas        173   
 Conclusion:                                                 178
 Malefic Grahas in Lagna                                     179
 Lagnesha in Lagna as malefic                                179
 Special Rule                                                180
 Surya as Karaka for Lagna                                   183
 Karaka Yoga                                                 189
 Lagna Lord position, benefic or malefic?                    190
 Dhana Bhava or 2nd house                                    191
 Lord of 2nd bhava                                           193
 Special Rules for 2nd lord                                  196
 Family                                                      201
 Consummation                                                204
 Maraka                                                      206
 Two methods to determine disease                            206
 Third Bhava or Sahaja Bhava                                 210
 Lord of the 3rd house                                       219
 Maithuna or Copulation                                      223
 Creative Talents                                            224
 Comfort Level                                               226
 Duschikya or mental troubles                                228
 General Rules for Grahas in 3rd bhava                       235
 Shortage or deficit                                         238
 Important Tatva Rules:                                      239
 3/11 Bhavas                                                 244
 Fourth Bhava or Sukha Bhava                                 245
 Fall in Dharma (Narka)                                      246
 Mind and Consciousness                                      248
 Trust or Trustworthiness                                    250
 Vidya or Education                                          253
 Fourth Lord                                                 254
 Vishnu, Purity and expansion                                258
 Grha or Marriage                                            259
 Marriage and Childhood link                                 261
 Fourth Lord                                                 263
 Vastu and Home                                              266
 Fifth Bhava                                                 267
 Individual Traits or Character                              268
 Sixth and Eight bhava placements                            272
 Understanding, intelligence                                 273
 Planets in the 5th bhava                                    276
 Power and status                                            277
 Knowledge, what you know to do naturally                    279
 Bhakti or Sneha                                             283
 Financial resource                                          286
 Children                                                    287
 Sixth house                                                 293
 Vices and Shadripus                                         293
 Danda or punishment                                         298
 Visible Disease and Troubles                                299
 Planets in 6th house                                        300
 Planets as Karakas in the 6th house                         305
 Sixth Bhava and disease                                     308
 CHAPTER 4                                                   314
 Brushing up on Rasis                                        314
 Primary definition                                          314
 Pancha Tatva definition                                     314
 Deva Dosha                                                  316
 Important Points                                            318
 Jala Dosha                                                  318
 Mithuna rasi                                                318
 Vayu Dosha                                                  322
 Kanya Rasi                                                  322
 Agni Dosha                                                  326
 Tula Rasi                                                   326
 Prithivi Dosha                                              329
 Dhanu Rasi                                                  329
 Akash Dosha                                                 332
 Makara Rasi                                                 332
 Jala Dosha (Chandra)                                        335
 Kumbha rasi                                                 335
 Agni Dosha (Surya)                                          337
 Mina Rasi                                                   337
 Other specific points about rasis                           338
 Mesha Rasi                                                  339
 Vrsha Rasi                                                  340
 Mithuna Rasi                                                342
 Karka Rasi                                                  343
 Simha Rasi                                                  344
 Kanya Rasi                                                  346
 Tula Rasi                                                   347
 Dhanu Rasi                                                  349
 Makara Rasi                                                 350
 Kumbha Rasi                                                 351
 Mina Rasi                                                   353
 Important Points and Use                                    355
 Lagna and its characteristics                               356
 Satvic and Benefic rasis                                    357
 Vrschika and Kumbha                                         359
 Vrschika Rasi/Amsa                                          360
 Ketu                                                        362
 Kumbha Rasi/Amsa                                            364
 Rahu                                                        366
 Kanya Rasi                                                  367
 CHAPTER 5                                                   370
 Dristhi                                                     370
 Graha Dristhi                                               370
 Why do grahas have drsti?                                   371
 Malefic Drsti                                               375
 Shani Drsti                                                 375
 Mangal Drsti                                                378
 Rahu drsti                                                  380
 Benefic Drsti                                               384
 Guru Drsti                                                  384
 Parivartana Rule                                            388
 Shukra Drsti                                                388
 Budha Drsti                                                 393
 Chandra Drsti                                               395
 Tatva Drsti                                                 399
 Jala Drsti (watery element)                                 399
 Vayu Drsti (airy element)                                   400
 Agni Drsti                                                  401
 Prithivi Drsti                                              401
 Akasha Drsti                                                401
 Rasi Drsti                                                  405
 Achadana Drsti                                              405
 Special Drstis of Grahas                                    405
 How do these drstis work?                                   406
 CHAPTER 6                                                   408
 Karaka Principles                                           408
 Karakas and Bhava lords relationship                        408
 Bhava                                                       409
 Bhava lord or Bhavesha                                      412
 Karaka or Fortune/Destiny                                   417
 Specific points about Karakas                               421
 Surya as a my destiny and financial resource                422
 Chandra as a my mind, mental peace, home, family            424
 Mangal as my strength, security, defense, battles           427
 Budha as my speech and learning                             429
 Guru as my knowledge, happiness, good fortune,luck          432
 Shukra as my love (marriage), enjoyments, pleasures         434
 Shani as my diseases, suffering and pain.                   437
 Rahu as my shocks, changes and enjoyments                   439
 Ketu as my denials/losses (cruelty), my mistakes            441
 Lagna                                                       442
 Lagna rules my intelligence and my decisions                442
 Lagna lord rules my bodily happiness.                       443
 Lagna lord with malefics                                    443
 Bhavesha and Karaka relationship                            446
 Karaka and Bhava                                            449
 The importance of dispositor                                453
 Rudra Bhavas                                                456
 Rudra Bhavas from Karakas                                   457
 Karaka Bhava Nashaya                                        458
 Karakas and Karaka Bhava                                    462
 Native                                                      477 
 CHAPTER 7                                                   484
 Uchcha and Neecha Positions                                 484
 Exaltation or Uchcha Sthana                                 484
 Graha as karaka in exaltation                               485
 What does an exalted planet do to a house?                  491
 Exalted Graha and its dispositors                           493
 Complete Exaltation of planets                              493
 Specific Rule                                               494
 Bhavesha in exaltation                                      499
 Debilitation or Neecha Sthana                               502
 Graha in Neecha (debilitation)                              502
 Bhavesha in Neecha (debilitation)                           506
 Neecha Bhanga Yoga explained                                508
 First Neecha Bhanga                                         510
 Second Neecha Bhanga                                        511
 Third Neecha Bhanga                                         512
 Fourth Neecha Bhanga                                        513
 Application in Various Principles                           514
 Dustana Group, lords in debilitation                        515
 CHAPTER 8                                                   518
 Surya Lagna                                                 518
 Graha Yantras                                               520
 Hora                                                        520
 Importance of Surya Lagna                                   522
 Udaya Lagna                                                 522
 Surya conjunctions                                          526
 Surya Lagna and its Kendras                                 531
 Fourth bhava from Surya                                     532
 Abhijit rasi in the charts of Avatars                       534
 Seventh bhava from Surya                                    535
 Tenth Bhava from Surya                                      537
 Grahas affecting your fortune/destiny/luck and finance      539
 Surya Yogas                                                 540
 Veshi Yogas                                                 540
 Pancha Tatva Grahas                                         541
 Mangal in 2nd from Surya                                    541
 Budha in 2nd from Surya                                     542
 Guru in 2nd from Surya                                      542
 Shukra in 2nd from Surya                                    543
 Shani in 2nd from Surya                                     544
 Voshi Yoga                                                  546
 Chaya Bhava                                                 551
 Sixth bhava from Surya                                      551
 Eighth bhava from Surya                                     553
 Jyoti Bhavas                                                554
 Trines to Surya                                             555
 Fifth from Surya                                            555
 Ninth from Surya                                            556
 Third bhava from Surya                                      559
 Eleventh bhava from Surya                                   561
 CHAPTER 9                                                   563
 First Part                                                  563
 Chandra Lagna                                               563
 Janma Rashi                                                 564
 What is Shubhapati?                                         566
 Well placed Shubapati                                       568
 Chandra as Shubapati                                        569
 Shubapati in Multrikona                                     570
 Shubapati in bad positions                                  572
 Best and worst Shubapati                                    573
 How to study Shubapati?                                     574
 Shubapati and Chandra                                       578
 Other uses of Shubapati                                     578
 Shubapati and people                                        578
 Shubapati involved in Yogas                                 580
 Janma Naksatra                                              583
 Brief reminder                                              583
 Chandra yuti (conjunction) with other grahas                589
 Chandra yuti Surya                                          590
 Lagna or Chandra                                            590
 Chandra yuti malefic grahas                                 591
 Chandra yuti Mangal                                         591
 Chandra yuti Rahu                                           593
 Chandra yuti Shani                                          593
 Chandra yuti Ketu                                           594
 Four types of people/gunas                                  594
 Gunas of the mind                                           595
 Second Part                                                 596
 Chandra Kendras and Yogas                                   596
 Major Chandra Yogas                                         596
 Sunapha, Anapha and Duradhara Yogas                         597
 Sunapha yoga                                                597
 Anapha Yogas                                                599
 Duradhara Yoga                                              600
 Chandra Adhi Yogas                                          601
 Seventh bhava from Chandra                                  602
 Inside                                                      602
 Outside                                                     602
 Sixth from Chandra                                          603
 Eighth from Chandra                                         604
 Fourth from Chandra                                         605
 Tenth from Chandra                                          605
 Trines from Chandra                                         606
 Ninth from Chandra                                          606
 Fifth from Chandra                                          608
 Eleventh from Chandra                                       608
 Third from Chandra                                          609
 Kemadruma Yoga                                              610
 Keshari and Gaja Keshari Yoga                               611
 Shakata yoga                                                612
 Mukuta yogas                                                613
 CHAPTER 10                                                  614
 The Tripod of Life                                          614
 Two ways to remedy a chart                                  615
 Planet in a bhava                                           616
 Drsti                                                       616 
 Argalas                                                     616
 Bhava Lord                                                  617
 Karaka                                                      617
 Simple rules                                                622
 BIBLIOGRAPHY                                                625

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