The real clue to children 1st part

If you read Jyotisha classics and modern Vedic Astrology books you will come across the following:

1.Classical yogas and combinations retold, but no example and proof that these methods work

2.Calculation methods including 5th from Guru and its ashtakavarga

3.Method of 5th lord Navamsa, Navamsa of Guru and 5th from Guru

4.Some general rules where grahas in 5th, with 5th lord and Guru are added, and number of children is decided as per this number.

5.Classical texts explain methods of the astakavarga bindu in the 5th from Guru. Chandra Kala nadi gives a correct hints about this method which will be discussed later

6.Almost nobody mentions Saptamsa methods except The Crux of Vedic Astrology of my Guru Pt.  Sanjay Rath

7.There is a general disagreement about the infleunce of planets in 5th house. Some classic text state that Surya will kill children when in 5th house. Some astrologers assign bad roles to Rahu, while others disagree. To cut a long story short, by browsing through number of internet sites, reading many books (including classics), we can find the following:

1.There is no definite method as how to see exact number of children

2.There is no definite method as how to see complete absence of children.

These “troublesome” area will be dealt in serious of articles here. I will give you snap shot methods which will always work and give you exact picture about this highly important area of human life.

Fertility or not

Our tradition follows simple methods of arudhas, where we take Arudhas of the 3rd house (person) and 9th bhava (partner) and see thier positions from the Sun. If they are placed in dustana from Surya, then a physical problem will be there. Additionally, Shukra, Shani, Ketu or Budha infleuncing this place will make defect more visible. If you apply the same procedure from Arudha of the 3rd house as calclated from Surya, and arudha of the 9th house as calculated from Surya, this same positions will show inability of Atma to enter the womb. This problems cannot be solved by doctors (physical), and a couple should do Gayatri mantra with special Sunday fast on kheer (rice with milk)

There are other combinations which add to the problem:

1.Affliction of Shukra (female), and Surya in addition in male charts, may lead to low quality of repreduction.

2.Eight lord in affliction can give defect (inner) of ovaries and semen. Futher, Surya and Ketu affliction in a male chart, and Shukra and Ketu affliction in a female chart leads to the same. Chandra with Ketu also leads to similar effects in female chart. Ketu is a planet of defect, and any association of Surya and Shukra in male chart with a Ketu, or its sign Vrschika, will lead to a physical defect. In the same way, Chandra or Shukra associated with Ketu or its sign Vrschika, can lead to similar defect.Eight house is the house of defect, and these planets associated with 8th house will lead to defect. Lagna lord in association with Ketu or 8th bhava/lord will show defect in a physical body. What is the difference between 8th house and a sign Vrschika. The sign will show external damage, while 8th bhava and its lord will show internal damage. Let us say that a person undergoes operation and after that becomes sterile. This is a clear damage indicated by Vrschika rasi. However, if 8th lord is afflicted, semen or ovary may have malfunction or inner defect, such as disease.

3.There are many other rules, but for a start, try these simple rules and you will immediately get an idea of something wrong in our reproductive ability.

Once you got these simple rules, without entering Saptamsa, this is something you should understand at the very beginning of analyzing the chart for a child.

Creation of child is the act of creation. Each creation occurs with the help of rasas (Sa+ras+vati), and belongs the Divine Mother in the form of Sarasvati, or the one who controls the Rasas. She is the Patni of Brahma, the Creator. That is why, saptamsa chart (division of 7th) rules procreation and children, because there are seven rasas, ruled by seven grahas. Therefore, the act of a child birth is the creation of a women, and she has all rights to terminate pregnancy if she is by any way forced to have it. However, every women should know that after the 2nd month, the soul enters the womb, and destroying the pregnancy after 2nd month (entering the 3rd month), becomes Brahma Hatya or killing of a human being, and the sin will go to a mother. In case she is forced by a male to do so, the sin would then go to a male. That leaves the door open, for any women to feel less guilty if abortion of pregnancy occurs in the 1st and 2nd month, the sin on the soul is not there. We can see all these events in the chart, and I will give you some solid combinations for this. However, before we step into this, we should clear the following:

1.Fifth house represents children in a male chart

2.Ninth house represents children in a female chart

Many will disagree, however, here is the concept. Male signs are odd signs, and if you count 5 places from male sign, you will get Even sign is female sign, and as in many dasa system, ghati (movement) always reverses in case of even signs.Therefore, if you count in reverse from even sign 5 places, you will reach 9th house. Therefore, even sign, ruling female energy explains why 9th house becomes the primary house for children in Stri Jataka. Further, men look after the child, and take it as a responsibility, they are rational and observe a child as his offspring or generation to come, someone who will look after me when I become old. Women are different, and they observe children as God (9th bhava, dharma, love and bhakti). Therefore, never forget to focus these two bhavas having in mind chart of a man or woman. Therefore, whenever you find certain combination of planets related to a 5.bhava for children, you should apply the same combinations for 9th bhava for a female chart. Whenever you see afflicted 9th bhava in a chart of a female, you would find troubles related to children.

Children 1

In this chart, 9th lord is Guru and is placed in marana karaka stana conjoined Shani 8th lord. A person does not have children (Stri Jataka).10th lord Mangal has both graha and rasi drsti on 9th bhava


1.10th bhava and Makara Rasi are very unfavorable and a real maraka (killer) of children in a female charts.

2.6th bhava, and Kanya Rasi are very unfavourable and a real maraka (killer) of children in a male charts.

Children 2

This is again female chart, and we have 9th lord Guru in debilitation in shaya bhava (setting, gone from sight). Further, Guru is neecha (throwing away, or losing). Dispositor of Guru is Shani in 12th bhava very afflicted. Rahu has graha drsti on Guru. This person never had biological child as well.

children 3

In this chart, we can see 9th lord in own sign, conjoined Chandra in exaltation in Durga Yoga, giving great strength and virility.This combination guarantees children, even though Ketu conjunction is very unfavorable together with aspect of Mangal. It shows that some (at least one) pregnancies will be lost or terminated. A person has two children and is very dedicated mother.

Lord of the 5th bhava and 9th bhava will show your attitude and behavior towards children. If 5th lord is neecha, a male will not look after  children, and may discard or ignore them. If exalted, the situation is totally opposite. If placed in kednra, children will be well cared off, while in trines, will become his ideals and duty.  If Lord is in 3rd bhava, relationship will never good and full of fighting and deficit, while in 11th bhava, if afflicted, a child can die or relationship will completely disapper. In such a case, planet should be well placed in vargas and its dispositor should be well placed. 11th house when bad, becomes a seat of Hara or destruction. If 5th lord is in 12th, a person will abandon or run away from a child. The same rules having in mind 9th bhava, should be applied to a female horoscope. If either 5th or 9th are in debilitation navamsa, one of the children will die, particularly if dispositor of the 5th lord in rasi chart is badly placed.

Sambhanda Karaka

Now, we have to understand what is karaka count. We can see in many jyotish books that a bhava should be observed from Karaka. They describe 7th from Shukra, or 5th from Guru, 6th from Budha etc. How to understand the Sambhanda karaka? We have to understand the word karaka. Karaka is the hand of God. Karaka shows overall significations, the nature and God. Therefore Guru is the karaka for all children among human beings. Shukra is shristi or creation karaka of children, while Guru is sthiti or sustenance karaka of children. Therefore, all children are created from Shukra and sustained through Guru. However, we are not concerned with all children, but only hour children. Therefore, our children will will come through sambhanda karka or concerned bhava. This will be 5th from Shukra and 5th from Guru in a male chart, and the same bhavas from the female chart. This should be the logic. However, both male and female conceive the children through the same act, so children will be created for both sexes through 5th from Shukra, and additionally we shall see 9th from Chandra for a female horoscopy. These two are known as achadana drstis. In a male horoscope, 5th from Shukra will cause conception while 5th from Guru will show sustenance and you as a parent.

This is a lady’s chart. 5th from Shukra shows conception, and it is Mina rasi aspected by Chandra, Shani, Ketu and Rahu, while the lord is Guru neecha in the 7th shaya bhava.  At the same time 9th bhava from Chandra is 8th bhava from Lagna, lorded by nodes which are neecha. She was never able to conceive. 

This is the husband Chart, 5th from Venus is Kumbha rasi, lorded by both Rahu and Shani, which are in the 6th bhava of maraka for children. Shani is further Atmakaraka to complicate the issue. He is completely sterile.Normally we use also Arudhas of the 3rd and 9th counted from Lagna to see your and your spouse’s fertility and the same  Arudhas from Surya to understand the soul ability to come. In any case of affliction or kliba grahas there (explained in the crux of Vedic Astrology of Pt. Sanjay Rath), a person will not have children. In such a case Gayatri Mantra is the remedy, with an adequate tattva bija. There are standard method as Kshetra and Bija, and Phumsa which are studied in the tradition, however, one should also be aware of these method. I shall also add one simple method to judge the general prospects of having children. This method is based on understanding of Sura and Asura bhavas. Sura bhavas are those ruled by the Sura planets, while Asura bhavas are bhavas ruled by Asura grahas. 

1.Sura grahas are Surya, Chandra, Guru and Mangal

2.Asura grahas are Shukra, Budha, Shani, 

Rahu and Ketu behave as Shani and Mangal respectively. IN kalapurusha Sura grahas are 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th, being ruled by the sura grahas. Others bhava are asura bhavas

Now, watch the rules:


1.5th lord in Sura bhavas, 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th and 12th is conducive to giving children

2.5th lord in Asura bhava 2nd, 3rd,6th, 7th, 10th and 11th, few or no children


the same scenario, but take the 9th lord

Keep in mind that conjunction will act first and modify the result. 5th lord conjoined Sura graha will promote children and opposite. The same is the case of 9th lord conjunction with Sura or Asura graha. Apart from conjunction, you should take into account parivartana too.

This is a female chart. 9th lord is Surya conjoined Budha (Asura), Guru (Sura) and in 10th bhava (asura). However, Budha is Atmakaraka and Guru lost in graha yuddha. A lady does not have a child. It is at the same time 9th from Chandra, while 5th from Shukra holds Mangal.

Once you understand these steps, only then you should consider counting the number of children and detailed examination of Saptamsa chart