Words of the Gurus

Words of the Gurus
Typed lectures on various subjects in informal sessions

Surya lagna shows wealth, while Chandra lagna shows physical body, pranas. Lagna shows intelligence. Chandra is repair of physical body, so fasting on Mondays, worship of Shiva gives good health. Good health means good mind. The mind is in direct link with a body. If the body is healthy mind is good, healthy. However, traits of personality is lagna. Lagna modifies Chandra. Chandra shows a human being, we all have two hands, two legs, head, ears. However, somebody uses hands to carry weapon, somebody to write books. That is our intelligence, lagna, how we use intelligence? Chandra defines body, while Lagna is intelligence of that body, identification fo the body. Somebody may have more or less muscles, but how to use it Lagna, intelligence, The complete Yoga with lagna is always formed with Ista devata, and Ista devata is the key point that leads Lagna. Ista devata works through Lagna, yokes lagna, controls the Lagna. Wherever Lagna looks Jiva will go in that direction. That is viveka, the power to decide what is right or wrong, the intelligence.
Chandra shows events of life, samsara. Some people are happy and some are unhappy due to these events. This feeling of being happy or not is based on their vivek, intelligence. That is why Parashara states that happiness or grief is in Lagna. In reality there is no happiness nor greif, that is the real vivek. Graha sitting on Lagna will dominate over our vivek, or power of discrimination, deciding what is good or bad. And that intelligence decides in which direction we shall go. Ravana was very intelligent, he was Brahaman the son of Kashyap, but his intelligence brought to bad results. If our intelligence leads us to bad resutls and effects that means that we have Papa Yukta with lagna, or Lagna si dominated by malefics. In churning the ocean, Kurma avatar head, meru is in the heart. Because of him we face our karmas (Shani), and devas are on one side, asura on another. In the centre is Chandra or Mangas, and 4 grahas are on one side, and 4 on the other side. Chandra is in the middle, manas, which is neutral. There is nothing bad nor good, that is the perfect mana, no happiness nor grief, the perfect balance. Happiness and grief are given by grahas, suras and asuras. Because of domination of grahas we are happy or said. In spiritual path Ketu is extreme Sura or happy, then followed by Brhaspati then By Surya then By Mangal. Happiness comes from meditation, satsang, inner bliss (ketu), good food, knowledge and learning (Brhaspati), wealth and resources (Surya), and success in enterprise and winner feeling (Mangal). Asura grahas lead us to unhappiness. Budha shows going to work, we are not happy, everybody are expecting pension, everybody says that they will do this and that once they retire. That is illusion, that is Budha asura will force you to work and be greedy for money, and work like a dog for it. Shukra asura, shows luxary, entertainment, bodily desires, no limits. Some people sleep on floor, some on luxary beds, some on water beds, some even make a gold toilet, there is no end to the senses gratification, and needs and desires of the body. That is Shukra, absurd desires. Shani is the grief and loser feeling of defeated, opposite of Mangal.Rahu is shock of deceited, like somebody cut your head, your respect and reputation are down. You have defeated somebody (Mangal), and sooner or later you will be defeated and loser (Shani), that is the cycle, if you do Mangal sooner or later you get Shani. Everything has to be balanced, because Lagna is Shunya, zero, balans on Lagna, sura and asura, that is the balance of nature. The way out is to leave it, leave Mangal and will never have Shani, stop opressing and will never be oppresed. Lagna is perfect balance. Guru can balance Shukra, when Shukra is loose, out of control giving you knowledge to enjoy, Guru comes, giving you moral values and knowledge of how to control the enjoyments, how to restrict it. The best graha, gives you knowledge and value system. All grahas infleuncing Guru will teach you the value system. Mars drsti, value system in fighitng and war, will not cross the limits of fighting, Shani aspecting Guru, a person will have a good value system about work, fair, responsible, good towards workers Surya will give good value system in spirituality about father, high spiritual values, while Chandra will give good value system towards people, mental and social values are high. Surya and Chandra most important aspect on Guru, high spiritual and social values. Father, mother home values are there That is why when Guru is afflicted in the 8th bhava, it gives Asura yoga and a person has ZERO values, low value system, a person without principles. Guru is like paka Lagna. Paka Lagna also shows our value system, what we value and what we consider as good or as bad. Rahu is doubt, suspicion, while Guru is value, faith. Both together, they cause the value system is to collapse, every time new rule, justifies whatever they do, no value system, do bad and then find an exuse for it, that is Ravan. What about lagna, then lagna becomes destroyed whenever we have Rahu and Guru Yoga. Guru is crucial graha in our jyotish sadhana we always do Om Gurave namah, not Ganesh, Ganesh is secondary, who told you about Ganesh, Guru again. First Guru, then Ganesh, then other devatas, and viveka will be protected. Ketu shows things which by which we are identified by God. These are symbols, objects, people. Look at grahas with Ketu in Rasi or Navamsa, those which aspect Ketu, these people will take you to your spiritual path
Everything rotates around Lagna, do you go right or left or straight, that is Lagna, the vehicle is Chandra, and fuel and force is Surya. Is Lagna lord always benefic ? Which is its diretion, is Lagnesha sura or asura, in sura or asura bhavas. Lagnesh is Vivek, and if vivek is good i twill always protect Lagna, your life, and health> if vivek is bad, you will ruin your life and health. How to see it. You have to see Graha first and bhava second. Is lagnesha as a graha Sura or Asura ? Which bhava is sura or asura. We have to see karaka of the Bhava. If Karaka is sura bhava is sura, if karaka is asura bhava is asura. So Lagna is sura, 2nd bhava is sura, 3rd is sura, 4th is sura, 5th is sura, 6th is asura, 7th is asura, 8th is asura, 9th is sura, 10th is asura, 11th is sura and 12th is asura. Now, Surya, Ketu, Chandra, Guru and MAngal are suras, rest are asura. Now use the rules :
1.Sura Lagnesha is good in Sura bhava
2.Asura Lagnesha is good in Asura bhava
3.Sura and Asura mixed is bad

Bad means bad vivek, bad intelligence, bad decisions for which you will suffer both mentally and physicaly. Good vivek means the opposite, good. Sura + Sura and asura+asura ! Since Lagna and Lagna lord is Vivek it means that we are responsible for that, we shall make decisions and actions which will cause good or bad effects for us, our life , health and happiness. That is why we have to see for all Lagnas. For example, Mangal Lagnas Mesha and Vrschika are ruled by Sura, and Lagnesha must be in Sura bhava for good vivek, health and wellbeing, otherwise bad. That is why Mangal in 6th, 7th, 8th, 10th, and 12th for both Lagna is giving bad vivek. Even for Mesha Lagna, Mangal in 10th in exaltation will cause bad vivek, see ? The same case with Shani Lagnas, for Makara Lagna Shani in 2nd , though in own sign, it is Asura in Sura bhava. Sri Jayendra Saraswati, Shankaracharya who was accused of murder in that Shani dasa, see how it worked badly…Makara Lagna with Shani retrograde in own sign with Chandra in 2nd bhava, asura in sura, the dasa started and everything went wrong. Some of his own decisions caused this. Lagnesha will never damage health if it is sura graha in sura bhava and asura graha in asura bhava, since the vivek will remain fine.
The most important thing is karaka, you have to see Lagnesha which graha is it ? What is the karaka of the Bhava where Lagnesha is placed, that is the principle behind this Sura and Asura. Dont think that Lagnesha in 2nd is automatically good, Kendras and konas are good bhavas, dustanas are bad, and 2nd and 8th are neutral(rudra bhavas). Use this sura rule. If Lagnesha is Sura then it is good in 2nd bhava, while if it is Asura, it is better in 8th, because Karaka is Shani (Asura graha). That is why Budha for Mituna lagna in the 8th is good, while Dhanu Lagna, lagnesh is Sura and in the 8th is bad even though it is exalted.
8th bhava is bad bhava, but it gives longevity, that is why it is neutral. There are bad things in the 8th, but you cannot run away from it, it is like alcohol, like addiction. 2nd bhava is on the other hand good, but you dont want it because it requires a lot of responsibility. All responsibilities of this world is in the 2nd bhava, so even though it is good bhava, you run away from it because you dont want to take responsibility, and that is why it is neutral. Lagnesha in 2nd you will have to take all responsibility, yet if Lagnesha is Asura, a person is not responsbile, if sura it is opposite, a person will take responsibility for his family and community. You dont want and like 2nd bhava, because you want and like your freedom, that is why it is neutral. Even if you have Guru in Lagna, only Chandra is perfectly balanced, Guru is good in lagna for a person, but for samsara for others, only Chandra is perfecly balanced. Guru does not like asuras and that is the extreme, strong velue system, but poor social success. Only Chandra gives social success, a person with Guru is judgmental, wrong, too strong principles, rules. Surya even worse, prejudiced with rules and principles, hard core, proper, blind rules and punishment, conformists. If there is a graha in lagna it will strongly influence our vivek. Shani on Lagna strong, very hard working, good vivek for work, and work quality, but Guru has to add a value system. More grahas on Lagna or influencing it, differnet vivek, conflicting infleunces. Exalted graha gives high vivek, great blessing. If no graha, see graha drsti, only graha drsti, because vivek comes with icchha or desires. Rasi drsti will force somebody elses vivek to be imposed on person. Graha drsti is our own vivek. Guru always shows our value system, and grahas infleuncing it will add to it. Our own vivek system is Lagna. Shani graha drsti, dukha, sure will make certain decisions in life which you will suffer and feel sorry. Mars aspect, must see the war and fighitng, can’t escape, and that will change vivek, will make decisions to fight which is bad. What kind of decisions we shall make depends on sura or asura natura of aspecting graha. Mangal in 7th drsti graha on lagna, will make decision to fight and ultimatelly defeated by enemy. Guru must be in Lagna to break it. Mangal wants success, shows winning, while Shani drsti shows defeat. Mangal drsti on lagna, a person fights to win, fighitng spirit is strong. A lot of planets aspecint lagna, find the strongest. Best is Lagnesha in own sign, knowledge, success in vivek. Mulatrikona or Own known in clan, family, fame and success. Every planet in Lagna is vivek, Mars deadly fighter, when winner feels might, Rahu in lagna great shocks, feeling bad, disgust, anger and bad mood, it is not grief, grief is Shani, Rahu shows that what you get somebody comes and take it from you, you feel disgust and hatred. Like snake in the sleave, somebody close to you do this. You were cheated and betrayed felt like that, and that is why you start doing it. Examples in discussion:
Vrschika Lagna, but many malefics on Lagna, not graha drsti rasi drsti. It shows facts, pressure from others, no hope face it. Materially Ketu rasi drsti is bad, spiriutally good. Ketu is lagnesha for Vrschika as Sura is Good in 1st,2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 9th, 11th

Mituna Lagna, Chandra on Lagna very good, balanced, social skills, budha is lagnesha asura in sura bhava not good, some suffering in the 5th bhava of children. Budha is very good for knowledge of the 5th, students, but not good for children, vivek will fail there. It is yuti Mangal, change of attitude, from peaceful person (Budha), becomes agressive, Mangal rules war, while Guru rules peace. Mangal is hims, Budha is ahimsa, are you violent or not? However, here his nature changes with mangal, Mangal is sura and stronger in 5th sura bhava, he will win. In association with mangal people a person becomes violent, if Lagensha is yuti malefic, avoid these people, they can change you and your vivek. Here Mangal 6th lord, opponents can negatively affect you, 11th lord friends.
What is good here? Guru aspects Surya, and a person has a good chance to get diksa Guru. Guru needs to have aspect of Lagnesha, Surya or Atmakaraka for spiritual path

Another Mituna Lagna, Chandra and Ketu on Lagna, and Lagnesha in 10th. Budha is Asura in Asura bhava good, even if debiliated. Lagnesha in 3rd bhava, you awlays work on your self, self-skills, improvement of self, acquiring new skills and developing them. If Lagnesha is in 2nd you are group, family, or community oriented.
If lagnesha is Sura and goes to Asura bhava, you have to become asura to deal with these energies or vice versa. Lagnesha asura goes to Sura bhava you have to become sura to deal with the energy of the sura bhava. Dont do the opposite.
Rasi drstis on Lagna
Benefic does never give pressure, Chandra drsti does not give pressure because it is benefic, or at least we do not consider this as a pressure, we feel it is good, however, Chandra is 6th lord, work, job, discipline, which mother (Chandra) tries to push on us. However, Mangal is crura, from Badhak gives rasi drsti on Lagna, Mangal rules 10th and 3rd, job, brothers, colleges, pressure huge coming on Lagna. Let us say that 4th lord is malefic and has rasi drsti on lagna, mother will put big presure on us. Surya having rasi drsti on Lagna, we say father does pressure, no it is wrong. It has to be 9th lord malefic to cause pressure from father or boss. Bhava lord shows from where the pressure comes, Graha karakatva shows, area of life causing strong infleunce on us (rasi drsti on Lagna). Surya just means money, resource of self-identity pressure on lagna, our life. But who is doing the pressure see lrodship. Surya can also show fathers storng infleunce on us, but we cannot say that it is bad because Surya is crura.. See lordship and bhava

Grahas on Lagna are direct infleunce on vivek. How grahas modify vivek. Surya in Lagna, yama, niyama, rules regulations, rules which everybody has to obey, principles, comformist. However, planets conjoined can modify it. Budha yuti such Surya shows that learning something new can change rules and regulations. Budha has digbala strong to infleunce. Budha is strong in Lagna, and Shukra does not like Budha. Where Budha sits, Shukra will runaway from that place. They are opposite yuti, it all depends on the bhava. Some bhavas are better for Shukra some for Budha. For example in 7th bhava natural Tula, Shukra is stronger than Budha, while in 10th, Budha is stronger. Other rules such as digbal, rasi etc also should be studied
Also, certain graha placement make other grahas weak. If Surya is in lagna, it is strong, and Shukra cannot be strong there. Budha in lagna is in digbala, so Shukra cannot be strong there. A person with Budha is interested in all learning, trade, information. Vivek is not intelligence, it is disciminaton or use of intelligent. A person can be intelligent but they may not have discrimination, paka lagna is more about discrimination and vivek, while Lagna is inteligent, born IQ. Paka Lagna decides what is good or bad, your value system. Kanya Lagna with Lagnesha in 7th bhava, neecha, aspecting Lagna. Budha is good there, even though neecha. It should be strong in bala or navamsa. Surya is there in 7th as 12th lord, pressure from secret enemies (12th lord) coming from the family of the spouse’s father (Surya in 7th). Study the 12th lord, secret enemies, where are they? If 12th in 4th, close to your heart, in your home, friends, in 7th partner etc, particularly if malefic.
Lagnesha Asura is in 9th sura bhava, not good, Lagnesh in 9th a person too independent, behaves like Guru, God, doesnt listen to anyone, needs to be pure and obediant, if Asura. Surya is capitalist, Chandra is socialist, Shani communist, while 9th lord is congressmen or the powerful person in the parlament. However, badhak influence. Badhakesha or lord of badhak wants to break the bhava it is placed if malefic, it is like a thorn. 5th bhava shows public, and public opinion, while 4th bhava in a horoscope of a country is the leader of opposition, 7th bhava is outisde part and opposition, while 4th is 10th from 7th, its boss, leader. Home party is Lagna. 5th bhava is public population of a country. It must be well placed to show that population is happy. If Retrograde, that planet signifiation will tripple in population, Budha money, Guru-religious attitude. How will public benefit or suffer you need to see from the 5th lord in the country. Benefic in the bahdak is good and will help to remove bahdak through its signification. Guru, knowledge, shukra wife, nice mehtods, etc.. To be continued..